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About PAGeoTechnical

Video: MD Peter Atchison tells the story of PAGeoTechnical

The story of PAGeoTechnical


PAGeoTechnical Ltd was incorporated in 2000 by its Managing Director, Peter Atchison, in partnership with key client partners. The company acts as a technical and commercial consultancy on behalf of these and other geosynthetics supply companies.

PAGeotechnical's mission is to offer best value advice to clients, mainly in the construction and civil engineering sectors, and in the area of contaminated land. Gas protection to buildings is one of the company’s specialities, but we also have expertise in other aspects of contaminant management using geosynthetic solutions. As a “Consultants’ Consultant”, our clients are the main developers and construction companies, as well as environmental and consulting engineers. By connecting the market with a wide range of specialist suppliers we are able to maintain independence and offer best value advice of a site-specific nature. We can make solution recommendations and connect suppliers with projects either directly or as a trading organisation.

PAGeoTechnical expands continuously as a result of taking on new clients and increasing work emanating from existing ones.

An active industry member

Contaminated land is a complex issue where legislation and standards are rapidly emerging and changing. PAGeoTechnical is actively involved in many of the industry’s regulatory and support and development processes and has developed a reputation as one of the UK’s leading specialists in this field. The company participates actively in

  • BGA (British Geomembrane Association)
  • The EIC (Environmental Industries Commission)
  • The Radon Council
  • BSI, CEN and ISO standards bodies
  • Build UK
  • The CCS (Confederation of Construction specialists)
  • PCA (Property cars association)
  • IGS (International Geosynthetics Society)

Our team members, both in the office and externally, all share the company’s values and offer clear support to our clients. We are extremely pleased to have been awarded investors in people (IIP) status in 2014.


Working with the contracting sector

PAGeoTechnical has always worked closely with the specialist contracting sector, ensuring that good quality design and materials are installed correctly and to current industry best practice.

The company was instrumental in developing many of the installation standards used in the specialist sectors in which it operates and the company’s training manager is also the C. Skills assessor to NVQ level 2 in gas membrane installation.

PAGeotechnical’s approved specialist contractors share our vision of quality and professionalism and represent the very best that the industry can offer. High quality project delivery on time and within budget is thus ensured. In short, “Best value”, guaranteed.

Some of our partners:

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PAGeoContracting - the contracting arm of PAGeoTechnical PAGeoTechnical consultancy services for ground gas protection.

PAGeoTechnical Ltd., Darwin House, Corby Gate Business Park Corby, Northants, NN17 5JG, England

Telephone: +44 (0) 1536 740040

Fax: +44 (0) 1536 740044

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