Ground gas and geomembrane specialists

Ornamental or chemical containment

Geosynthetics for ornamental and chemical containment

PAGeoTechnical offers ornamental and chemical containment and specialises in the more complex geosynthetics applications, such as aggressive containment or contaminated land. These include VOC resistant barriers and pollution control barriers.

Using a range of geosynthetics materials sourced from manufacturers around the world we are able to offer a cost effective and secure solution. Most of these products are reinforced, offering much greater tear resistance and strength than lighter grade materials.


The Rhinomat® range from Owens Corning offers a high strength woven core and engineered coatings that provide outstanding hydrostatic, puncture and abrasion resisitance.

Seaman XR

XR materials from Seaman Corporation utilise modern EIA technology to produce immensely tough UV and chemical resistant materials which represent the state of the art in current material design.

PAG can also access any other type of membrane material if appropriate and we offer design assistance and full contract supply and installation. We do this either through our own contracting division or approved specialist installation sub contractors.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

Perhaps one of the newest applications for geomembrane lining Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) are increasingly being incorporated into developments both housing and industrial.

Whilst often perceived as a “black art”, the principles of SUDS are essentially basic, consisting of a collection system, storage tank and dispersal method.

PAGeoTechnical is able to bring its extensive knowledge of geosynthetics to bear, demystifying this area of design and offering best value advice regarding geosynthetic components allowing each installation to be considered independently and to be designed for best purpose.

PAG gesosynthetics containment membrane

Agriculture/Horticulture Containment

Reservoir linings

With current demands on water supplies being greater than ever, horticulturists in particular are aware of the necessity to conserve and store water for irrigation purposes. Many clients install large water reservoirs to provide this much valued resource and increasingly, costs associated with inappropriately designed linings are becoming prohibitive.

Increasingly, PAGeotechnical’s expertise in agricultural containment, large scale lining projects and bund lining is being applied to these irrigation reservoirs as clients realise the value of good quality design and installation in this area.

Containment membrane

Ornamental Containment

Materials and installation services

Large ornamental projects, whether private or public sector, demand the closest attention to detail in geomembrane lining. With extensive time and money being spent on design and construction of these extensive lakes, it makes no sense to compromise on the lake liners. It is after all that which separates a beautiful ornamental lake from a muddy hole in the ground!

PAGeoTechnical specialises in the management of these projects, specifying and providing high quality materials and installation services, sourced from the best providers in the industry, but above all appropriate to the project.

Ornamental pond

Datasheets and brochures

XR 5Immensely strong tear resistant and chemical resistant membrane developed for the petrochemical sector and other arduous containment applications (probably the toughest membrane in the world). DownloadPreview
PAG Protective Fleece (3Kn)(3Kn) Non woven needle punched protection fleece. DownloadPreview
RhinoMat 1000Woven fabric reinforced geomembrane offering optimal puncture and tear resistance. DownloadPreview
RhinoMat 750Woven fabric reinforced geomembrane offering optimal puncture and tear resistance. DownloadPreview
RhinoMat 500Woven fabric reinforced geomembrane offering optimal puncture and tear resistance. DownloadPreview

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