Ground gas and geomembrane specialists


Contaminated land services. Geosynthetics and gas membrane installation.

PAGeoTechnical offers contaminated land services including consultancy and contracting. Our services cover housing, commercial sites or industry. They include containment, bioremediation, landfill, petrochemical storage and invasive weed management.

PAGeoTechnical can act as consultant, supplier or installer, in conjunction with its associated companies, PAGeoContracting and PAGeoConsulting.

Gas protection

Ground gas protection from carbon dioxide, methane, radon and other gases.


Complex geosynthetic applications such as aggressive containment or contaminated land.


Specialist products for bioremediation of contaminated land.


Landfill lining, capping and other geosythetic applications.


Secondary containment & pollution control membranes for the petrochemical sector.

Invasive weeds

Root barriers and containment for knotweed and other invasive species.

Contaminated land management specialists
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Ground gas protection

PAGeoTechnical provides technical commercial consultancy and materials for ground gas protection, containment and landfill.

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PAGeoContracting is the contracting arm of PAG. It provides gas membrane installation services as well as landfill and large scale containment.

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PAGeoconsulting is the international consulting arm of PAG. It offers design and “Route to Market” consultancy services.

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Contaminated land management specialists

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