Ground gas solutions

PAGeoTechnical’s ground gas solutions provide protection against ground gas, including carbon dioxide, methane, radon and other contaminants in housing, industrial and commercial buildings.

Our ground gas solutions have been developed to enable developers and contractors to protect new buildings against gases contained in contaminated land. They are designed in line with current guidance BS 8485 2015+A1:2019 and use products that meet this requirement.

Toxic, asphyxiating and flammable and potentially explosive ground gases can enter buildings and other structures on and below the ground. They pose potential risks to occupants and users.

With current Government directives predisposing development of Brownfield sites, it is important to understand the challenges that these can provide.

PAG offers a full gas membrane installation service via its contracting business, PAGeoContracting.

Ullustration of protection aginst ground gas
Ground gas solutions

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