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Active gas protection for industry

Illustration of CAB system

Active gas protection systems utilise electromechanical means of enhancing the ventilation system either running constantly or via a switched system.

Industrial and commercial units, as well as public buildings, are eminently suitable for the installation of active gas protection systems. They are typically larger, (BS8485 type D), or have more complicated subfloor structures, and are generally “managed”. This allows the advantages of active systems – both technical and commercial – to be utilised.

key to CAB diagram

Low Energy CAB

Designed for low to medium risk sites, Clean Air Blanket (CAB) is often the most cost effective solution for gas protection for industrial or commercial buildings. Utilising the standard damp proofing of the building and offering combined ventilation and barrier, CAB has probably the least impact on construction of any gas protection system and therefore offers construction as well as commercial advantage with provable performance.

  • Risers and cowls not required
  • Constant performance
  • Based on provable facts
  • Unobtrusive
Low energy CAB system
Low energy CAB

CAB with gas membrane

Air is introduced and the void former ensures consistent flow irrespective of building size or complexity. In the event of power failure a passive relief system operates to allow pressure relief and limited passive ventilation.

  • Constant performance irrespective of wind speed.
  • Dilution/dispersion based on air changes.
  • Single geosynthetic barrier component.
  • Provable via probe system.
  • Flexible/upgradeable.
  • Cost effective w.r.t. well designed passive system.
CAB with gas membrane
CAB with gas membrane

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