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Gas protection ancillary products

To ensure continuity of the gas barriers used in ground gas protection, PAGeoTechnical offers a number of ancillary products for protection where penetrations of membranes and junctions occur.

PAGeoTechnical gas membrane detail

Gas protection ancillary products

Ground gas protection ancillary products

Independently tested to requirements of BS 8485 : ISO15150-1

Self Adhesive Gas Resistant Membrane – PAG SAGR

PAG SAGR membrane material is used for sealing penetrations to gas membrane as a type of flashing. It includes an aluminium foil to maintain the overall integrity of the gas protection system and a modified bitumen adhesive to ensure maximum adhesion to both membrane and substrate.

Ground gas protection ancillary products

PAG Gas Tophat

Circular penetrations such as pipes can either be sealed with SAGR or with preformed specific tophat sections. These units are manufactures to exact intolerances and allow simple and fast sealing to pipes penetrating through gas membranes.

Ground gas protection ancillary products

Independently tested to requirements of BS 8485 : ISO15150-1

PAG Cross Linked Butyl Sealant

Whilst it is currently best practice to weld gas membrane, Cross Linked Butyl sealant offers an alternative and equally effective means of forming a gas tight joint between overlapping sheets of membranes. It is also used when automatic welding machines cannot be used due to tight confines on site

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Hot air welding kit

Hot air welding kit

This hand held hot air welder and roller kit is an essential tool when installing any gas membrane system. Used to warm the membrane before joining with Butyl or SAGR particularly in damp or cold conditions. The machine can also be used in experienced hands to weld membrane to membrane.

Gas barrier continuity

Gas barrier installations should be in accordance with guidance contained in BRE414 and PAGeoTechnical ancillary products have been designed to enable installers to meet these requirements.

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