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Gas protection membranes

Gas protection membranes are geosynthetics used to protect buildings from harmful ground gases such as radon, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrocarbons. They are often used in conjunction with other components to form an active or passive protection system. PAGeoTechnical uses its own range of products and also products from major international suppliers.

Gas protection membrane installation by PAGeoContracting

PAG gas protection membranes

PAGeoTechnical standard gas membrane

PAG Standard Gas Barrier – Red/Silver

One of the suite of proprietary aluminium gas barriers, manufactured to exacting European Standards.

PAGeoTechnical Standard incorporates an aluminium foil for maximum resistance to gas and vapour transmission including a reinforced scrim for strength and tear resistance, it is manufactured using virgin polymer LDPE for flexibility. PAG Standard holds BBA certification 12/4915.

PAGeoTechnical HC400 gas membrane

PAG HC 400 – Olive Green / Silver

With the increased concern over Volatile Organic Hydrocarbon contamination and new materials manufacturing capabilities, our HC400 membrane offers “state of the art” protection to buildings from Hydrocarbon vapours. Using a “multi foil” blown extrusion process we are able to create a membrane which incorporates an EVOH inter layer, providing demonstrable and absolute resistance to the passage of VOC vapours along with massive flexibility and elongation.

Meets minimum requirements for BS8485

PAGeoTechnical reflex super membrane

Monarflex Reflex Super – Sand/Black

One of the best known proprietary gas barriers membranes. Monarflex Reflex Super has been leading the market since the mid 1990’s for quality specific membranes in this sector. It is a multi foil membrane with a reinforcing scrim and aluminium layer. Reflex Super was originally developed to be welded with the unique extrusion welding system. However it is equally easily joined by modern thermal welding machines (See Ancillaries page.)

PAGeoTechnical RAC gas membrane

Monarflex RAC – Grey

Still the most robust proprietary gas membrane available in the market today. RAC membrane was developed in the 1980’s for high performance protection of developments in hydrocarbon contaminated docklands sites. RAC was probably the first bespoke loose lay gas membrane available in the UK market and still holds its position as the most robust high performance material in this sector.

At 0.9mm RAC membrane massively exceeds the requirements of BS8485 and holds BBA certificate number 00/3668.

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