PAG’s COVID-19 Statement

We wanted to share with you the way PAG companies have prepared for and are reacting to, the continued changes around the Concerns of COVID-19 virus.

We continue to monitor closely advice from leading medical organisations, NHS and world health Organisation, as well as actions taken by HM government.

All our personnel have been briefed on the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, washing hands, avoiding close personal contact and being alert for the signs of the virus.

We have instructed anyone who shows symptoms, to self-isolate in accordance with UK Government guidelines, including anyone who has a family member doing likewise.

Our focus over the coming weeks is to try and keep disruption to our customers and clients to a minimum, whilst protecting the safety, health and wellbeing of all staff, clients and suppliers.

We remain committed to operating as normally as possible whilst respecting Government guidance..

Our Corby Office remains open and we remain committed to carrying out Subcontract works as agreed, until such time as we are advised not to do so.

We extend the hope that this crisis is soon over and look forward to the resumption of normal business procedures.