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Seminars and training

CPD Seminars

Ground Gas Training Programme

PAGeoTechnical has teamed up with Ground-Gas Solutions to offer 2 day training events covering best practices in Ground-Gas investigation and protection.

2019 training course dates

Who should attend?

The training is designed for consultants, regulators and developers who want to understand how ground gas risks can be better managed, protection measures can be better designed and time and money can be saved.

Please note that places are limited to 30 people and these will be allocated on a first come basis.


How much does it cost?

Prices start at £155.



Day 1

Measurement, Assessment and Design Theory

Day 2

Design Practice, Implementation & Verification


Day 1: 5 February

Day 2: 6 February

Milton Keynes

Day 1: 26 March

Day 2: 27 March


Day 1: 30 April

Day 2: 1 May


Day 1: 11 June

Day 2: 12 June

Central London

Day 1: 9 July

Day 2: 10 July


Day 1: 24 September

Day 2: 25 September


Day 1: 5 November

Day 2: 6 November


Day 1: 26 November

Day 2: 27 November

How to register

Download course details and enquiry form.

Supporting professional development (CPD)

We at PAGeoTechnical believe passionately that the best way to ensure good design and construction practices is to share our information with the wider professional world. As specialists, PAGeoTechnical have a wealth of information relating to good design and construction practices in their areas of expertise and sit on many national and international professional bodies and standards committees. We are happy to conduct seminars by arrangement, on any one of our areas of expertise, to assist with Continual Professional Development (CPD).

 PAGeotechnical training seminar. CPD training.

Recently popular subjects have been:

  • Gas Protection "The Rough Guide"
  • Geosynthetics in Contaminated land
  • A designer's guide to gas protection and geomembranes


To discuss your specific requirements or to book a CPD presentation please contact us via our contacts page.


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PAGeotechnical training seminar. CPD training.

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PAGeotechnical training seminar. CPD training.

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PAGeotechnical training seminar. CPD training.