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Standard details

PAG Drg No1 Edge 2 Mem

PAG Drg No2 Edge 1 Mem

PAG Drg No3 Strip Foundation Vent

PAG Drg No4 Venting

PAG Drg No5 Stanchion

PAG Drg No6 Stanchion HDB

PAG Drg No7 SA Top Hat

PAG Drg No8 PF Top Hat

PAG Drg No9 Stanchion Base

PAG Drg No10 Pile and Pile Cap

PAG Drg No11 Std Venting Components

PAG Drg No12 Concrete Walls

PAG Drg No13 Starter Bars

PAG Drg No14 Door Thresholds

PAG Drg No15 Int and Ext SA Corner

PAG Drg No16 External Lift Pit

PAG Drg No17 Internal Lift Pit

PAG Drg No18 Insulslab

PAG Drg No19 Acoustic Detail

PAG Drg No20 Inspection Chambers

PAG Drg No21 Joints Sheet 1

PAG Drg No22 Joints Sheet 2

PAG Drg No23 Timber Frame

PAG Drg No24 Boxing Sequence

PAG Drg No25 Corner Fold

PAG Drg No26 Anchor Trench

PAG Drg No27 JKW Cell

PAG Drg No28 20-45 Pipe

PAG Drg No29 Battening

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